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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2006|03:47 pm]
call me Corporal Pedigo

fuck yeah I rule

I am going to go to Yuma here pretty soon, then come back here then go back there then come home home then go to Iraq. I want to go to Syria and break down some fucking doors and clear those terrorist houses. yup.

Enjoy that, everyone.

I wonder if we are going to Iraq in February or somewhere else ( like Syria) before the schedualed Iraq deployment because we have been "practicing" packing up all of our gear like we are moving out somewhere. makes me wonder if I need to sharpen my Ka-Bar? haha. kill


I'm not brainwashed either, I am just excited about doing my job.

Later Gators,

Cpl. Pedigo ( hell yeah)
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2006|05:47 pm]
wow, two in a week

just letting you all know that I am a badass and am getting meritoriously promoted to corporal next week.

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manliness at it's finest [Aug. 22nd, 2006|06:40 pm]
enjoy my random post. if you have read one, you have read them all, I suppose.

So, guess what I have been doing recently. You know it. Working. I got back from Idaho on Friday. we went there for a couple of weeks to train.

blah. I am tired.

In less than a month I go to Yuma Arizona for a month and a half to do "war". Its called WTI. I can't remember what it stands for but what it means is 24 hours ops dropping ordnance next to the grunts whom are pounding fuckin sand.

Today one of our aircraft blew out a tire on take-off and skidded down the runway on its axle, thereby shearing it away. I helped get it back on something to tow it. exciting.

fuck 15 hour workdays out in the sun. its cool.


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its a cat piss jungle out there [Apr. 19th, 2006|10:50 pm]
[Current Location |on my couch at home.]
[mood |fairly alright]
[music |blood]

Its really nice to see how everyone is/has grown up since I last came home. I hope everyone's lives are becoming what they want them to be. All of those people going to college this year, make sure you find yourself if you havent already. To my friends that are in college, keep it real. I dont know what to say honestly, I just wanted to include you, too. It's nice, but weird being home. It was a nice change and great to see all my peeps, yo. I enjoyed seeing everyone all grown up. As you can tell, that was one of the highlights. Of course seeing family was, too. It's going to be ok getting back to San Diego, too. However, being home made me realize I am kinda lonely there. I have my friends, but I think I should have a lady friend because frankly, I think I should and thats important to do what I want I guess. I suppose if you reread/read my old entries, you can tell that all I do is work, so I really should find some people my age that have nothing to do with the military and you know, befriend them...maybe a lady friend? Ok, enough of what I am thinking. seriously. Thats more insight into me than even I know about. Right on.

In other news, I enjoy my new tattoo a lot. I am going to continue with my tats. This one is a lot different than my Eagle Globe and Anchor conisdering it has nothing to do with an animal, the sea, nor just about anything on this world. I will have to take a picture and post it or something once it has all healed up. Amen to that. Anyway, nothing much is new besides that crap. I am leaving on friday and do not look forward to a 2000 mile drive. I have to be be back on monday at 1200. The next day I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Definetly not looking forward to that. I shouldve had that done before I joined. Word of advice. If you are planning on joining, get them out before you go. I'd trust a civilian dentist more than a navy one any day of the week including Snarglesday, the secret 8th day.

So, its back to the grind on monday night. yay. sarcastic. Oh well. At least I will have the car out there to enjoy sunny san diego. I am lucky to be there. There is never an absense of something to do, especially in the summer. ok then. I will be on my way now. I have said far to much and they are probably after me now.

Jacob fawegfiBNW EOIJ W;LKVJ ;OIJ ERG;I ij gwjfjefija



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yo [Apr. 10th, 2006|12:02 pm]

It's monday. I will be home Friday. I am very excited to tell everyone all the stories and to hear many as well. Hmm, I am in a bit of a hurry. I wan tot go work out, then I need to cook for tonight and go to work early. haha early. Try from 1400-0400 the next day. ha! fuck that.

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update [Mar. 19th, 2006|03:16 pm]
hey everyone. So I have been on night crew the past few weeks. It's pretty cool. I go in work at 4 pm and leave abot 4-5 am. I am becoming a master at the gun system on the aircraft.

Alright. Enough about that. On April 13, late that is, I am coming home. That is the thursday or friday before Easter. I can not remember which though. I will have to be back here in San Diego the 24th of april. I am driving back so I am leaving about the 22or 23rd. I hope everyone comes home so I can see them. Shoot me an email if you arent coming home. I look forward to seeing everyone!

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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2006|05:34 pm]

I am probaly coming home in april. we will see

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wow, almost two months [Feb. 20th, 2006|08:30 am]

Wow, almost two months since I am updated. I guess a lot has happened, and then again not too much either. Of course what else am I going to talk about other than work. I have been working many many hours per week.( about 14-15 hours most days. always at least 12)We have been flying some kick ass weapons. 2000 pound JDAM's ( bunker busters for you non-ordies). Also we flew some live missiles. Ok, enough of that. Everyone, guess where I am going in a couple of months? Give up? Ok. Hawaii. I am not sure which Island, but my squadron is going to Hawaii to conduct some training operations. Hell yeah dude. That's going to rule. I have never been there, but I am assuming that it's going to fuckin rule.

So, this past weekend my parents came out here to San Diego and visited me. That was a good time. I showed them all around town and took them everywhere. We did all the tourist things. A high point was taking them to the Recruit Depot where I was "assembled" into a Marine. haha. I relly enjoyed seeing them, but it was weird at the same time. It's been so long since I have seen them that I really noticed a lot of things. My dad is really ageing. I dont know if it's just me noticing or what, but he is really slowing down. That happens though. I guess I just always remeber when I was a little kid and we'd wrestle and play baseball and stuff. Thats what happens when you get older though, huh? But, it was great seeing them.

Hey becky, if you read this give me a call or email or something. I saw your pics and I would like to talk to you and see how you are doing.

Alright friends, I am going to go. Hopefully I will have some time to update this for anyone who is interested sometime before I go.

p.s. I might come home either in april or june ( that is before or after I leave for Hawaii, respectively)
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let's put on the thong song and tear this place apart [Jan. 2nd, 2006|09:14 pm]

Happy News Years to everyone, I guess. From what I read most everyone's Christmas went well and New Years, too for that matter. I am still in San Diego. It has been raining the past few days which sucks because that means I am cold and wet all day at work. When its wet you can not stay dry enough and when its hot, you wish you were wet. hha. Everything is going well at work. I have been learning so much in the past few weeks. I have been working on maintenance and troubleshooting more than loading which is good because honestly, how good can you get at loading bombs and missiles seriously? In other news, I have been running a lot again. I finally got over my cold that has prevented me from running for a couple of weeks. I wish something else was new to entertain the folks at home ( those folks being the readers) but alas that seems to not be happeneing at the moment. My parents should be coming out for a few days in February which will be entertaining for me. I haven't seen them in over three months. No big deal though. I think that since the last time I talked to most of the readers, I will be coming home the next time whenever the wedding on old Jacki and Seth takes place. At least I heard it was this Summer sometime, so I will go off whoever tells me the date whenever you find out when it is whoever you are. Amen. I look forward to seeing everyone. This summer will come before you know it. Come on, it's already 2006. I have been in the Marine Corps for a year now. Exciting, isn't it? I want to hear some feedback, so sound off everyone. I enjoy reading comments. Alright then, I think I am going to do something now. Talk to everyone later.

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new phone number [Dec. 18th, 2005|02:44 pm]

if you receive a call from that number, it's me.

hey cheryl, whats your number or give me a call and I will have it.

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